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cranium. [ kra´ne-um] (pl. cra´nia) ( L.) the large round superior part of the skull, enclosing the brain and made up of the cranial bones. cranium bi´fidum incomplete formation of the skull, with defective formation of the brain and often an encephalocele or meningocele. Called also cranioschisis The cranium is a single structure forming a case around the brain, enclosing the lower surface and the sides, but always at least partially open at the top as a large fontanelle. The most anterior part of the cranium includes a forward plate of cartilage, the rostrum, and capsules to enclose the olfactory organs Cranium is a party game created by Whit Alexander and Richard Tait in 1998. Manufactured by Hasbro subsidiary Cranium, Inc., it is billed as The Game for Your Whole Brain.Unlike many other party games, Cranium includes a wide variety of activities. Giorgio Davanzo handles packaging and branding for the game, and the artwork is by cartoonist Gary Baseman

cranium n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (skull) جمجمة، قُحف : The biology students examined a model of a cranium CRANIUM delivers privacy, security and data management services on strategic, tactical and operational level. Certified Experts & GDPR Professionals Cranium is the version of the smash-hit, multi-activity game Cranium made for kids and parents. Now with all new components, including 600 all-new cards and flexible length of play. Whether you are an aspiring actor, artist, data hound or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team a moment to shine

The Cranium Game includes 600 mind (and body) challenges. Players team up and complete hilarious activities from 4 categories. Since the activities span talents, every player can have a chance to show off what they're good at -- whether it's spelling, sculpting, puzzling, acting, or humming. The Cranium Game is outrageous fun for everyone We speak fluent photo. Amber Dion. Amber Dio

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  1. Cranium software house Jakarta Indonesia is a digital solution provider. Our services include mobile and web app development, e-commerce enablement, UI/UX design, CMS development. We also provide digital and IT consulting, system maitenance/support and IT skills resourcing. In addition to those services, we also have our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM system to help you manage your.
  2. cranium - the part of the skull that encloses the brain braincase , brainpan asterion - the craniometric point at the junction of the lamboid suture and the occipitomastoid suture and the parietomastoid sutur
  3. Cranium definition, the skull of a vertebrate. See more
  4. The cranium—the part of the skull that encloses the brain—is sometimes called the braincase, but its intimate relation to the sense organs for sight, sound, smell, and taste and to other structures makes such a designation somewhat misleading
  5. Cranium is an excellent game that embodies all the best aspects of board games--it doesn't last too long (about an hour for a game), it's exciting and funny and it also relies on the chance element as well as skill. The game is played by two or more teams of one or more players and the object is to get round the board into the Cranium Central.
  6. إنجليزي عربي cranium ترجمة, القاموس يمدك بالترجمة وملاحظات عليها كذلك تعبيرات اصطلاحية معاني ومرادفات جمل أمثلة مع خاصية النطق , أسئلة وأجوبة

جمجمة. Other translations. He confirmed this theory by opening the cranium of a living cow. وقد تمكن من إثبات صحة هذه النظرية من خلال فتح جمجمة بقرة حية. The impact on the posterior of the victim's cranium... كانت الضربة في مؤخرة جمجمة الضحية... The impact on the posterior of the victim's cranium.. The Cranium is composed of eight bones; [] 1908, J. McFadyean, The Comparative Anatomy of the Domesticated Animals, Part I: Osteology and Arthrology, Skeleton of Fowl, page 165. The cranium of the fowl is composed of the same elements as are present in the mammalian cranium, save that there is no interparietal Another word for blowjob. Emerged from brain. To be used in situations where outsiders aren't supposed to know the contents of the conversation MODUS ® Cranium. The calvaria and skullbase protect the brain from hits and traumatic injuries. If too much force is applied the skullcap fractures and leaves single bone fragments. They need to be repositioned to prevent dangerous effects on the brain cranium definition: 1. the hard bone case that gives an animal's or a human's head its shape and protects the brain 2. Learn more

Cranium bills itself as the whole-brain game. It's a party game that borrows from a host of other popular party games of recent times. Players have to successfully complete activities in each of four sections to win: In - Creative Cat : A player must clue a word to his or her teammates by drawing it, sculpting it in clay, or drawing it with his or her eyes closed Perennial Cranium A flora-infested skull from one of Belladonna's victims. It exchanges the life force it steals into plant life, blooming powerful vegetation DNH 155 is an adult male P. robustus cranium, and thus provides a useful sex based comparison to the female DNH 7 cranium. While P. robustus is not directly ancestral to Homo sapiens, it provides a wonderful example of diversity in the human fossil record Cranium was published by Cranium, Inc. in 2002.This is, as the box says The game for your whole brain, for 8 or more players.The object of the game is to get to Cranium Central, which looks like a big purple brain with a red ring around it. To do this, you and your teammates must progress around a board that's shaped rather like a parcheesi board. There's 5 colors of spaces on this board.

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cranium: 1 n the part of the skull that encloses the brain Synonyms: braincase , brainpan Type of: bone , os rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrate cranium: see skull skull, the skeletal structure of the head, composed of the facial and cranial bones. The skull houses and protects the brain and most of the chief sense organs; i.e., the eyes, ears, nose, and tongue CRANIUM is for individuals that take risks and make sacrifices to see their visions become reality. Premium apparel and other objects are used as a contemporary medium for artistic expression to communicate the lifestyle and mindset We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us Learn the rules to the board game Cranium quickly and concisely - This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.Don't own the game?Buy it here..

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Some Cranium editions have a specific theme or focus. For example, the Disney edition of Cranium focuses on players' knowledge of Disney movies and shows. Other Cranium games focus on pop culture in general. If your group has common interests and would enjoy playing a Cranium game with a more specific theme, these games are worth looking into Listen & Download for Free Cranium - Holding On on MP3, WAV, FLAC at Elektrobeat Hasbro - B21361010 - Compañía Juego - Cranium Júnior. 4,6 de 5 estrellas 259. 27,65. Cranium definition: Your cranium is the round part of your skull that contains your brain. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

1540s, from M.L. cranium, from Gk. kranion skull, upper part of the head, related to kara (poetic kras) head, from PIE root *ker horn, head. Strictly, the bones which enclose the brai The cranium minion follows the player, zaps the nearest enemy within a 6 tile radius, and can do a maximum of 3,750 damage over its lifetime. Since it follows the player, it's most effective if enemies stay near the user, but less effective at long range. The summoned cranium has the following sprite

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Cranium Junior My First Creative Game. 4.7 out of 5 stars 218. Ages: 5 - 15 years. Hasbro Cranium. 4.3 out of 5 stars 146. Ages: 16 years and up. Cranium Deluxe Edition Board Game (WOW) 4.3 out of 5 stars 147 14 Followers, 94 Following, 11 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Анатолий (@___cranium___ ‏‎Cranium‎‏. ‏‏٥٫٤ ألف‏ تسجيل إعجاب‏. ‏‎Diam, membisu, kehabisan kata-kata. Nadi tertusuk, sakit menambah rusak jiwa. Sesak, merambah bayangan.. The Cranium Smasher is a Hardmode bomb that drops from the Ravager.When used it auto-fires a spinning disk that can pierce four enemies before disappearing on its next impact. Disks that are thrown will also roll along the ground, and have a chance to spawn as an explosive disk that will explode on contact with enemies and blocks

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The Alien Cranium is a community-created promotional cosmetic item for the Scout.It turns the Scout's head into a Xenomorph's.. This item can only be worn around Halloween or during a Full Moon; at other times of the year, it does not appear in gameplay, unless the server has Halloween mode enabled. However, it can be equipped at any time and can still be viewed on the loadout screen even when. If is a proceeding that the inside of cranium press worsen, handles like this, will cover up the condition. 如果 是 颅内压 的 进行 性 恶化 , 这样 处理 , 会 遮盖 病情 。 bombshell.blogcn.co

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Welcome to Cranium Signage, one of the leading signage company's in New Zealand. We're a fully-equipped signage design, production and installation facility that works with leading brands throughout the country & Australia.Get in touch and let's do this The Cranium Cariboo game is great for the little kids, who are learning to match shapes, colors, and letters of the alphabet. Hide 6 balls in the treasure chest. Receive a card, then open the corresponding door on the board with a key. Find one of the 6 hidden balls under the door and place it in the slot to the right UK band CRANIUM PIE have been active for a good handful of years by now, and have a handful of single releases and a number of project participations to their name so far, as well as their debut album Mechanisms (Part I) from 2011 and a second full length album called The Geometry of Thistles that was released the following year

Cranium: The top portion of the skull, which protects the brain. The cranium includes the frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, sphenoid, and ethmoid bones Cranium Game The Cranium Game is outrageous fun and gives players a chance to show off their talents. Players team up to cruise around the board completing activities in 4 color-coded categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm The cranium, or skull, protects the fragile brain from damage, according to the BBC. In humans, the cranium is composed of eight different bones that grow together. These different bones attach at areas called sutures Bones of cranium - Anatomy . Cranium Newborn : Fontanelles . Skull: anatomical illustrations . Bony palate . Cranial cavity , Cranial sutures . Internal surface of cranial base : Superior aspect; Vertical aspect . External surface of cranial base : Inferior aspect


Cranium Conundrum is a physics-based puzzle platformer taking place in the dream worlds that you create! Current Features: An Extensive Level Editor with many gameplay features and physics-enabled blocks/materials; An (Early) Save/Load so you can show off your currently in-progress levels to your friends to play and enjoy or for you to finish. What is Cranium? The cranium is a subdivision of the skull that consists of 8 bones, which enclose the brain. The eight bones include ethmoid, frontal, occipital, parietal (2), sphenoid, and temporal (2). Among these bones, parietal bones and the frontal bone are the largest. The main role of the cranium is to protect the brain

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Cranium is the version of the smash-hit, multi-activity game Cranium made for kids and parents Teams work together to race around the board by completing a mix of 14 hilarious activities, Now with all new components, including 600 all-new cards and flexible length of pla (anatomy) The main bones of the head considered as a unit; including the cranium, facial bones, and mandible. 1922, Virginia Woolf, Jacob's Room Chapter 1 He was about to roar when, lying among the black sticks and straw under the cliff, he saw a whole skull—perhaps a cow's skull, a skull, perhaps, with the teeth in it. Sobbing, but absent-mindedly.

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Shop for Hasbro Games on the official source of Hasbro Gaming fun. Choose your favorite Board Games, Family Games, and kids party games perfect for all occasions NEXT COHORT PROGRAM WILL START IN JANUARY 2021 Apply Here Welcome to The Cranium Incubator An Inclusive Neural Network Education With a comprehensive and practical curriculum, we want to equip you to run a successful startup from the get-go. Mentorship At The Cranium Incubator, you have access to coaching and mentoring on issues which relate Home Read More يعد الهيكل العظمي بمثابة سقالة تقوم بتقديم الدعم والحماية للأنسجة الرخوة الموجودة في جسم الإنسان ، وهو يتشكل من هيكلين وهما الهيكل العظمي المحوري والهيكل العظمي الزائدي ، يمتد الهيكل العظمي المحوري على طول محور خط.

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What does cranium mean? The skull. (noun) Behind it, and freely communicating with it beneath the osseous bridge (the post-orbital process of the frontal) forming the boundary between them, is the small temporal fossa occupying the whole of the side of the cranium proper, and in front is the great flattened expanse of the cheek, formed chiefly by the maxilla, giving support to the long row. Maba cranium, fossil fragments of an ancient human skull found in 1958 near the village of Maba (Ma-pa), Guangdong (Kwangtung) province, southern China. Intermediate in form between Homo erectus and H. sapiens, the remains are referred by many authorities to archaic H. sapiens or to an Asia CRANIUM Family Edition Kids Board Game Brain Game 8+ COMPLETE. $17.00 0 bids + shipping . Cranium Cariboo Magical Treasure Hunt Family Game Expanded Edition Complete. $59.99 + shipping . Cranium Disney Family Edition Board Game sealed. $59.99 0 bids + $19.99 shipping . Picture Information We are passionate about storytelling in all it's forms. Fascinated by all things history, art and technology - we share a boundless enthusiasm for fresh idea Cranium The placement of the foramen magnum, the large hole on the cranium through which the spinal column passes, is directly related to the orientation of the cranium. Consider that a primate holds their mandible (or chin) parallel to the ground

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The cranium is the part of our skull that encloses the brain. The cranium is composed of eight different bones: occipital bone - protects the back of your brain and supports your head Cranium back a few years was the first of its kind; a game that was very family oriented and fun to play when the whole family is in town. The variety of games and the usage of props guarantees a lot of laughs and entertainment Blue Cranium LLC is committed to mentoring the next generation work force and promotes continuing education. Educational Partners. Blue Cranium LLC DBA Comsat Architects currently partners with several Ohio universities to offer mentorship opportunities to students A single cranium rat is no different than its regular garbage sifting cousin, except for the pulsing pink mass of exposed brain on the top of its head. When gathered in groups though, cranium rats become extremely dangerous, becoming part of a hive mind that increases in intelligence with each additional rat. Their collective intelligence can soar to godlike levels, and a large enough group. Definition of cranium in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of cranium. What does cranium mean? Information and translations of cranium in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web Le jeu Cranium renferme le summum du fun et permet aux joueurs d'exhiber leurs talents. En équipes, les joueurs avancent sur le parcours en effectuant des activités de 4 catégories colorées : Chat d'œuvre, Neuro Naute, Étoile Montante et Vocabu Ver. Une équipe prend une carte correspondant à la catégorie obtenue et tente de réussir l'activité inscrite avant la fin du sablier. Ces.

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