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  1. 10 Types of Cyberbullying . 1. Exclusion. Exclusion is the act of leaving someone out deliberately. Exclusion exists with in-person bullying situations, but is also used online to target and bully a victim. For example, your child might be excluded/uninvited to groups or parties while they see other friends being included, or left out of message threads or conversations that involve mutual friends
  2. Just like how traditional bullying exists in many different types such as verbal abuse and physical violence, there are many different types of cyberbullying. Here is a list of few common types of cyberbullying. 1. Harassmen
  3. g : Online fights using electronic messages with angry and vulgar language Harrassment and stalking : Repeatedly sending cruel, vicious and/or threatening message

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Harassment is a sustained, constant and intentional form of bullying comprising abusive or threatening messages sent to your child or to a group. This is a very dangerous form of cyberbullying. It can have serious implications for your child's wellbeing Trolling is technically a form of harassment, but it's a very specific type of cyberbullying. A person trolls when they make inflammatory, anonymous statements online for the sole purpose of derailing an online conversation or provoking other participants in the discussion. A troll can also make an individual feel bad by constantly leaving negative comments on social media posts to hurt their feelings Description on 10 types of CyberBullying - Exclusion, Harassment, Outing/Doxing, Trickery, Cyberstalking, Fraping, Masquerading, Dissing, Trolling and Flamin

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  1. The following are the most common types of cyberbullying that take place Continue Reading. Harassment. The use of text messaging, direct messaging, instant messaging applications, email and many more to embarrass, harass or threaten the victim
  2. g platforms and mobile phones. It is repeated behaviour, aimed at scaring, angering or sha
  3. The four types of cyberbullies include: The Vengeful Angel; The Power-Hungry or Revenge of the Nerds; The Mean Girls The Inadvertent Cyberbully or Because I Can Some methods of cyberbullying are unique to a certain kinds of cyberbullies. And so are the ways the cyberbully maintain their secrecy or broadcast their actions to others

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The 8 different types of cyberbullying are listed below: Flaming: Online fights usually through emails, instant messaging or chat rooms where angry and rude comments are exchanged. Denigratio n: Putting mean online messages through email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or websites set up to make fun of someone Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place online. Unlike bullying offline, online bullying can follow the child wherever they go, via social networks, gaming and mobile phone. Types of cyberbullying Cyberbullying is the process of bullying using digital technologies. This can take place on messaging platforms, social media, mobile phones, and gaming platforms. Furthermore, it is a repeated behavior, and is aimed at angering, shaming, or scaring those targeted. Cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying can happen alongside each other

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There are four types of cyberbullies, including: 1. Vengeful Angel - Vengeful Angels aim to protect themselves or others from cyberbullies by righting wrongs with more bullying Cyberbullying by Proxy: Cyberbullying by Proxy is a cyberbullying tactic describing a cyberbully who encourages, deceives or persuades other online users to harass a target child. Cyberbullying by proxy is a dangerous kind of cyberbullying in that adults may become accomplices to the cyberbully

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Types of Cyberbullying. In this article, we are going to share the 3 different types of cyberbullying used by kids to bully each other on the internet. Here we go: Vulgar Abbreviations. Cyberbullying has got its own language in the form of abbreviations that parents or adults might not have heard Types of Cyberbullying. Understanding Cyberbullying Understanding Cyberbullying Types of Cyberbullying. Direct Attack. Instances of cyber-attacks targeted directly at the victims. Cyber Stalking. Act of repeatedly sending threatening messages, being highly intimidating or engaging in other online activities that makes a person fear for his or.

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  1. Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyberbullying and cyberharassment are also known as online bullying.It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers, as the digital sphere has expanded and technology has advanced. Cyberbullying is when someone, typically a teenager, bullies or harasses others on the internet and in other.
  2. Category Archives: Types of Cyberbullying Cyber Safety Unit (2011-2012) Posted by Faizan Khan on June 17, 2012. This year, we 7th graders have learned about safety online, which is also called cyber-safety. We learnt that bullying online can cause people to commit suicide, depression, or also harassment
  3. Types of cyberbullying. Below are the most common forms of cyberbullying. Harassment . This involves the bully sending offensive and malicious messages to an individual or group in a sustained fashion. The messages are malicious and will often be hurtful to the child. This can impact their self-esteem, confidence and make them fearful to attend.
  4. Cyberbullying can happen in a multitude of ways, and it is vital that we are able to recognize them. This blog post is going to explain the 7 types of cyberbullying and give you a better understanding of what they are so you can help keep your kids safe from online bullies. But, first. Let's lay down the foundation for cyberbullying

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3 types of cyberbullying that threaten students. Topics: AWS, K-12 Education, Malware Protection. August 22, 2017 November 12, 2019 Christine Barry. Tweet. Share. Share. It's sad news when research centers can't agree on whether cyberbullying affects one-in-three, one-in-four, or one-in-five teens These types are only considered Cyberbullying when everyone involved are minors. Why Kids Cyberbully Cyberbullys bully for many reasons. Some, are motivated by anger. Others, do it for the entertainment, or reaction. Even by accident, this is a serious matter. There are always the power-hungry bullies that do it for their ego. 81% of kids say. Cyberbullying Research Center. (July 9, 2019). Percentage of U.S. middle and high school students who were cyber bullied as of April 2019, by type of cyber bullying [Graph]

Learn types cyberbullying with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 20 different sets of types cyberbullying flashcards on Quizlet impersonating someone and sending mean messages to others on their behalf. Face-to-face bullying and cyberbullying can often happen alongside each other. But cyberbullying leaves a digital footprint - a record that can prove useful and provide evidence to help stop the abuse Otra forma de cyberbullying, que también suele ser incluida en la literatura internacional (Bauman, 2015; Kowalski, Limber y Agatston, 2012) es la modalidad conocida como Happy slapping (Shaw,.. Types of Cyberbullying. What we can do is make ourselves aware of the realities of cyberbullying. The ways it can happen to our kids and the shapes it has taken. Let's dig into the types of cyberbullying we have around us that can harm our kids. 1. Harassmen 8 Most Common Types of Cyberbullying: Save Your Kids from Being the Victim of Cyber-bullying Internet can be Dangerous: The world is digital now. Our kids have to use the internet in all its forms for the future ahead. Education, careers, and social lives are growing increasingly digitised as well, and there's no avoiding the fact that.

Types of cyberbullying directed at children and young people Threatening or abusive text messages Receiving text messages that contain threats and abusive messaging intending to scare the receiver. Sharing embarrassing images and video Ethical Advocacy PresentationIS 201 Computer EthicsMasters in Information TechnologyUniversity of the Philippines Open Universit Visit the iPredator website to learn about cyberbullying tactics and types of cyberbullying by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. 347-871-2416 info@ipredatorinc.com Faceboo

Below are the types of cyberbullying that exist. Flaming: Flaming refers to using inflammatory language about someone or broadcasting offensive messages about them in the hopes of eliciting a reaction. One example would be Donald Trump's use of the phrases Crooked Hilary or Sleepy Joe Biden. 4 Bullying can happen in person or online where is it known as cyberbullying. Physical, verbal and social bullying can happen in person; verbal and social can happen online, as can threats of physical bullying. Children who are bullied online are often also bullied in person Cyberbullying can leave some youth depressed or withdrawn, and in some extreme cases has led victims to suicide. There are many different types of cyberbullying out there, and all of them can be damaging to children and teens. 8 types of cyberbullying. Here are eight types of online bullying: 1. Outin

Types of Cyberbullying There are many different methods a bully can use to harass or hurt another person online. Among those are everything from masquerading and impersonation to outing and. The scale of this type of online behavior is getting more and more attention, to the point where some says it's a form of harassment. HARASSMENT. Harassment is one of the most serious form on bullying. It refers to a constant, intentional and strong form of bullying, manifesting mainly through abusing, cruel and threatening messages to the. Ways / Types of cyberbullying . Just like how traditional bullying exists in many different types such as verbal abuse and physical violence, there are many different types of cyberbullying. Here is a list of few common types of cyberbullying. 1. Harassmen The most interesting cyberbullying facts: The most common type of online bullying is mean comments 22.5%.; 35% had shared a screenshot of someone's status or photo to laugh at them.; 61% of teens who report being bullied say it was because of their appearance.; 56% of online harassment victims reported that they had been harassed on Facebook.; 7 in 10 young people experience cyberbullying.

Flory's Types of Cyberbullying Bullet List. Children of the 21st century are targeted via classic bullying, cyberbullying or a combination of both. At the core is disparagement and abuse of a targeted child. Ill-treatment of children, whether perpetrated by a child or adult is detrimental to all aspects of pediatric development, following. Some most common types of cyberbullying are: Threating messages through WhatsApp and SMS. Making fun of the victim through posting personal stuff on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Creating and using fake profiles to get attention, gather some information, and then humiliate the target person

Types of Cyberbullying. 1.Anonymity - This is when someone sends threatening messages to others but hide who they are. By anon options for example tumblr, you can send anonymous to others. Also sending text messages to others who do not know your number. At times it can be extremely difficult for the victim, to find out who the person is With the increase of social networking sites, online activity and messaging apps, cyberbullying is on the increase. In a survey by Ditch the Labe... Most of the apps and social networking sites are for people aged 13 and over The different types of cyberbullying are endless. They are closely related to traditional bullying, but are used differently. Gender also plays a role in how someone is bullied. It is said that girls generally mock others for their physical appearance, while boys tend to make more sexually explicit comments (USA Today) The last type of cyberbullying occurs when the cyberbully is bored or looking for entertainment. It is largely ego-based and the most immature of all cyberbullying types. Typically, in the Mean Girls bullying situations, the cyberbullies are female. They may be bullying other girls (most frequently) or boys (less frequently)..

Types of Cyberbullying. According to New York State's Division of Criminal Justice Services, a few common types of cyberbullying include: Denigration:. There are many types of cyberbullying, including: Doxxing (doxing). Publishing someone's personal information without consent, possibly enabling identity theft Here are the most common cyberbullying examples to help parents spot it and stop it. MOST COMMON FORMS OF CYBERBULLYING 1. Harassment. Harassment takes several forms, such as calling other people names. Ultimately, it degrades someone's self-esteem and makes kids feel lesser. However, outing can involve any type of information that serves. If an adult is involved in the harassment, it is called cyber-harassment or cyberstalking. Examples of cyberbullying include posting hurtful images, making online threats, and sending hurtful emails or texts. Because teens and tweens are always plugged in, cyberbullying is a growing issue among young people Cyberbullying hurts just as bad or worse than physical bullying because the audience ans shame is compounded by the net connectivity, virtually everyone may be able to bear witness to Cyberbully attacks. Examples of Cyberbullying can be seen on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

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Different Types of Cyber Bullying. A cognizance of the different types of cyber bullying is necessary. This enables parents and young adults to report cyber bullying and adopt measures to prevent cyber bullying. Following are some of the common types of cyber bullying: Posting hurtful, nasty or humiliating rumors or comments about an individual. Cyberbullying comes in a whole range of different shapes and sizes and is something that is totally subjective to the person being cyberbullied. From our research on cyberbullying, we found that up to 7 in 10 young people experience cyberbullying before the age of 18. Ditch the Label defines cyberbullying as the following The literature describes different types of bullying such as: cyberbullying, aggression, relational harm, disability-based bullying, racial bullying, sexist and sexual bullying, and homophobic. Types of Bullying. The three types of bullying students can experience are direct bullying, indirect bullying, and cyberbullying. Within these categories lie verbal, physical, and social or. Types of Bullying. Bullying evolves throughout childhood. Electronic or Cyberbullying. Includes the use of email, cell phones, text messages, and internet sites to threaten, harass, embarrass, socially exclude, or damage reputations and friendships. Racial Bullying

However, they can be an avenue through which cyberbullying occurs. There are many types of apps and sites available for free that give users the ability to search for people and share or post information about them anonymously Both these types of posts can trigger trolls and cyberbullying as jealousy is a prime motivator of bullies as is isolation and neediness of a victim. Teenagers that are going through a phase of insecurity are prime targets, but cyberbullying occurs throughout all demographics and psychographics now But no type of bullying should ever be tolerated. What is cyberbullying? Technology means that bullying is no longer limited to schoolyards or street corners. Cyberbullying can occur anywhere, even at home, via smartphones, emails, texts, and social media, 24 hours a day. Cyberbullies use digital technology to harass, threaten, or humiliate you Cyberbullying is a big problem. When someone cyberbullies, they are less likely to get caught because they can bully anonymously. This makes them bolder in their attacks. Bullies are able to contact the victim anytime, and anywhere. There are five different types of cyberbullying

Posting mean comments online was the most commonly reported type of cyberbullying they reported during the previous 30 days (9.3%). About 11% of the sample reported cyberbullying using one or more of the eleven types reported, two or more times over the course of the previous 30 days. Cyberbullying by Gender Simply put, cyberbullying is when a child or teen becomes a target of actions by others - using computers, cellphones or other devices - that are intended to embarrass, humiliate, torment, threaten or harass. It can start as early as age eight or nine, but the majority of cyberbullying takes place in the teenage years, up to age 17..

Online communications can be extremely cruel and vicious. They can cause great emotional harm and can take place 24/7. Damaging text and images can be widely disseminated and impossible to fully remove. There are increasing reports of youth suicide, violence, and abduction related to cyberbullying and cyberthreats. This essential resource provides school counselors, administrators, and. The 4 Main Types of Cyberbullying Across the Country. October 12, 2016 September 24, 2019 / Securly. 16% of kids have cyberbullied their peer(s), reports a recent Cyberbullying Research Center study. More often than not, these bullies are motivated by their own anger and frustration. Technology provides refuge and anonymity for such behavior. 6 Different Types of Cyberbullying: 1) Flaming- online fights using electronic messages with angry and vulgar language. 2) Denigration- dissing someone online. Sending or posting gossip or rumors about a person to damage his or her reputation and relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances In 2005 N. Willard identified different methods of bullying (Beale & Hall 2007, p. 9-10). flaming: sending angry, rude or vulgar messages dirtied at a person(s) privately or online harassment: repeatedly sending a person offensive messages denigration: sending or posting harmful, untrue, or cruel statements about a person to other people cyberstalking: harassment that includes threats or is.

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Types of Cyberbullying Due to the nature of the information age communication technology and several platforms a myriad cyberbullying types abound. The incidence and prevalence of these types of bullying differs by region, development of communication technology, legislation and level of proficiency on the use of the devices Power-Hungry cyberbullies are thugs online . They want to prove to numerous people they are the boss and show their tough side to control others with intimidation.They are usually bullies online and in the schoolyard. Power-Hungry want to gain your attention and power to do whatever This type of cyberbully often acts out because they are bored and looking for something to do. Usually it is a girl bullying another girl although; sometimes they do bully boys as well. They usually want the person to know who they are and that they have power over them 5 TYPES OFCYBERBULLYINGThe first type...HARASSMENTHARASSMENTwhen a bully sends offensive and malicious messages to an individual or a group and is often repeated multiple times form of harassment: cyber-stalking Definition of Harassment:CyberbullyingThe second type...FLAMINGFLAMINGan online fight exchanged via emails, instant messaging or chat rooms form of flaming: a group of people teaming. Harassment: The most common type of cyberbullying (Slonje & Smith, 2008). The bully sends insulting, offensive, and rude messages to their victims. For them to achieve their desired goal of humiliation, the bullies do so by posting the nasty things on the victim's posts or pictures in given chart rooms or gaming sites. Denigration

A type of Harassment is Cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is where the main issue can lead to harassment in the real world.Side note: The difference between a mean moment and bullying is that bullying is intentional and repeatedHarassmentThe second type of cyberbullying we will be talking about is: FlamingFlaming is similar to harassment, but. Examples of Cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles Cyberstalking Repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm or are intimidatin Types of cyberbullying. Back to Topic Topic Selected: Bullying Book Volume: 361. Click to Print Useful Websites Anti-bullying Alliance. Action for Children. Bullies Out. BullyingUK. Chance to Shine. Childline. Childnet. Counselling Directory. Cybercr1me. Cyberbullying Research Center. Cybersmile Foundation. Cyberbullying - bullying perpetrated using a technological device or service. This includes the use of social networking sites, text messages, instant messaging, email, and cell phones. Cyberbullying has become a serious problem among school-age children, as it is a means of treating someone aggressively without the need to do it face-to-face Explaining the different types of cyber bullying that can occur

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  1. 11 Types Of Cyberbullying. Catfishing is when someone steals your child's identity and creates an online profile to be deceptive.; Creating a fake profile to hide their identity. In these instances, the person probably knows the cyberbully. Cyberstalking, which can include threats being made toward someone or the attempt to meet with young people for sexual reasons
  2. This is an online quiz called 8 Types of Cyberbullying. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. From the quiz author. 8 types of cyberbullying and defintions. Search Help in Finding 8 Types of Cyberbullying - Online Quiz Version
  3. What is Cyberbullying? Bullying is no longer about the strong picking on the weak. Bullying has been replaced by a 24 hour per day, seven days a week online monster. This monster has a name - cyberbullying. With the increasing expansion of Instant Messaging, emails, chat rooms, blogging, and websites, the issue of cyberbullying is growing at a grotesque rate. Children, teenagers, and even.
  4. Social media and 24/7 connectivity means bullying looks a little different than it did in the pre-digital era. The forms of cyberbullying are many these days, and include cyberstalking, impersonation, doxxing, and more. But before we get into that, let's define bullying

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Here, we've outlined six of the most common types of cyberbullying young people in Queensland have experienced. Find out what they are, how to spot them and what to do if you've fallen victim.. The argument for considering cyberbullying to be a type of bullying is that most victimized students are both traditionally and cyberbullied (as high as 93% according to Hase, Goldberg, Smith, Stuck, & Campain, 2015) and that common predictors have been identified for both forms (e.g., strain, low self-esteem, negative relationships with family.

Trends in cyberbullying tend to vary among the sexes. For example, male bullies have been known threaten other boys with physical harm, yet harass females with sexual advances through text messages. Girls, on the other hand, may expose secrets or spread lies and rumors about other girls to extract revenge for perceived wrongdoings 4 Types of Cyberbullying 1. WHAT CONSTITUTES CYBER BULLYING? 2. Bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour geared toward intimidation and forceful influence on an individual or group to do or feel as the bully wants. It may also be used to establish one's rank in a social hierarchy. B U LLYIN G 3 According to experts, there are two main types of cyberbullying: direct and by proxy. Direct Attacks Direct Internet attacks occur when a bully shows aggression toward another person directly either through email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or social posts Cyberbullying is not more of a threat than traditional forms of bullying because: 1. Cyberbullying is an extension of traditional bullying This argument follows that cyberbullying is related to traditional (face-to face) bullying because often victims of cyberbullying are also victims of traditional bullying

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Sometimes, cyberbullying is a single child sending a cruel text. But it can also be a group of kids posting hurtful things about someone to other kids. And then those kids forward the messages to even more people. This short video shows one example of cyberbullying of cyberbullying. According to a survey done in 2003 only 4% of bullying is listed as other types and this would include cyberbullying. Even though this number seems small, the growth of this type of bullying is going up fast because of the spread of technology around the world Informational One Pager demonstrating the different types of cyberbullying. Neat feature with the survey running down the side where you can anonymously vote if it's happened to you. The long scrolling Singe Page website ends with more links on the topic as well as promoting the annual 'Safer Internet Day' Cyberbullying can involve a large audience It can involve harmful material being widely and rapidly shared to a large audience, for example, rumours and images can be posted on public forums or sent to many people at once. This material can also continue to be available and harmful long after the cyberbullying has ceased Cyberbullying in the news. In recent years there have been several high-profile stories in the press regarding cyberbullying. Not only do these stories bring to light the wide-ranging impact of cyberbullying and other forms of digital harassment, but they also illustrate that it's not just teens bullying other teens. Here are a few examples

Types of cyberbullying flaming Cyberbullying has many forms and can involve a variety of actions. This can include medium text message, sending internet threats, sending unwanted provocative photos, sending insults or inciting hatred, trying to infect a target computer with a virus, flooding an email account with messages2, or sending harmful material and any other form of social aggression. This is the cyberbullying definition in a nutshell. Quite nasty. But let's dig deeper. Types of Cyberbullying. There are different cyberbullying methods, and a victim might not experience all of them, but some are often combined. Here are the 6 most common cyberbullying examples: harassment; photo shaming; video shaming; subtweeting or vaguebookin 3.5 Types of Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has many forms and can include a variety of acts. It can be sending a mean text message, making online threats, sending unwanted provocative photos, posting insults or hate speech, attempting to infect the target's computer with a virus,.

This type of bullying often occurs when adults aren't around, so it can be very hard to spot. Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying takes place over the internet or smartphone. In this case, the bully is using technology to embarrass, threaten, harass, or target another child or teen These types of cyberbullying have similar characteristics and may have overlapping definitions. For example, harassment, as it relates to cyberbullying, is a general category that is defined as a persistent pattern of hurtful behavior towards another through messages or actions taken online Student-led anti-cyberbullying group Sticks n' Stones talk about why this type of bullying is a big deal. Is cyberbullying different from other bullying? Although cyberbullying shares some of the same elements as 'traditional' bullying, bullying using technology can be more complex and harder to deal with Types of Cyberbullying Hey everyone! So today I thought I'd tell you about the different types of cyberbullying so that you can easily recognize them. The two major forms of cyberbullying are cyberthreats and cyberstalking. Cyberthreats can either be a direct threat to hurt someone or commit suicide or distressing material that provides clues.

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cyberbullying should be held to the same laws as if they were behaving that way in person. EG; YOU CAN NOT TAKE OUT A PAGE AND SLANDER SOME ONE, WRITE THAT YOU ARE OF MORE VALUE, BE RACIST, OR DISCRIMINATION OF ANY TYPE.OR PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION TO CONTROL A GROUP OF CHILDREN OR ADULTS Definitions and Types of Cyberbullying Cyberbullying Definition. Cyberbullying does not have a universal definition but all definitions that have been given in scholarly articles include similar ideas that are related. One definition that is provided by Wong-Lo and Bullock (2011) states that, Cyberbullying is a category of bullying that occurs in the digital realm/medium of electronic text. * Cyberbullying due to its removed nature and yet focused methods of application, has aspects of both the direct and indirect associated with it. The following are the most commonly reported types of bullying. Verbal Bullying: Studies have shown that verbal bullying is by far the most common form of bullying among both boys and girls Three types of cyberbullying can be identified: Cyberbullying: When the harassment occurs between adults. That is, both the victim and the cyberbully are of legal age. Cyber sexual harassment: It's when the purpose of cyberbullying is sexual. Cyberbullying at school: The harassment occurs among underage

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Cyberbullying Methods Not only is there a variety in the kind of bullies across the web, but also a plethora of types of cyberbullying techniques these meanies use to bother their victims. First and foremost, there's Harassment, which involves repeated, offensive messages sent to a victim by a bully on some type of online medium The causes of cyberbullying are, for the most part, traced back to more 'traditional' forms of bullying that occurs at school. The researchers do not feel that cyberbullying alone is an epidemic per se. Of course, there are important differences between cyberbullying and other types of bullying, and the authors touch on those differences Types of Bullying There are many types of bullying to be aware of; cyber bullying, social bullies, verbal bullying, school bullies, bullying within the workplace, electronic or text bullying, as well as physical bullying. Sexual Assault - When Harassment Becomes Assault This type of bullying can encompass all the other types of bullying as well including cyberbullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, physical bullying and sometimes even sexual bullying. When prejudicial bullying occurs, kids are targeting others who are different from them and singling them out Abstract. Across the academic literature, there is little agreement with regard to what constitutes cyberbullying, leading Tokunaga (Computers in Human Behavior, 26:277-287, 2010) to argue that the term is somewhat of an 'umbrella' phrase that encompasses online bullying, electronic bullying, and Internet harassment.Some definitions of cyberbullying have utilised definitions of face-to.

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Unfortunately, there are many different types of cyberbullying. Here are a few common examples. Harassment. Just like the offline variety, cyber harassment encompasses a range of threatening behavior. It especially refers to repeatedly sending insulting or demeaning messages. Cyberstalking is another form of online harassment The same is the case with cyberbullying. The only way it is different from the above is that it involves Internet, computers, and smartphones Raising awareness of the cyberbullying problem in your community by holding an assembly and creating fliers to give to younger kids or parents Informing others that cyberbullying is against the law and the cyberbully can be charged with harassment, criminal threats, stalking, and impersonation, even if the bully is a minor

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The Different Types of Cyberbullying. 211 likes. VISION Make the internet safe and secure. MSSION Avoid cyberbullying in the internet. OBJECTIVES 1. Create website 2. Educate 3. Be a responsi. use

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